Wow! Did I just lie?

Everything I have been saying about buying and selling a home the last two months has changed. Lets keep a close watch on the market and make a plan for what is best at the moment.

Forget everything I said, for the last two months, I have talked about the lack of demand for homes and sellers giving concessions to help buyers in the transactions. Well, something has changed in the market, so stick around for a few minutes and find out why what I said before isn’t true anymore, or at least not this month.

Buyers are coming back into the market but before you get too excited its way too early to know what is going to happen.

From the realtor side of things, we are seeing an increase in visitors to our open houses and are receiving multiple offers on correctly priced homes. However, this is not like in the last two years. These offers are not going for well over the asking price and driving up prices but we are seeing an increase in buyer activity.

When talking to our lending partners they tell us that they see a big increase in loan applications. They are reporting more applications in the last few weeks than they have seen in the last few months.

To see how this activity is affecting the local real estate market check you can check out my south bay market report or if you want to know what your home is worth click the link to find out now.

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Bye for now.