Free Money to Buy a Home

There are programs available to help people buy a home with free money for down payment and closing cost. Some are grants that are truly free others are programs that dont have to be paid back until you sell your home or finish paying your home off. Find out if you qualify for any of these programs.


You heard me right – free money.

I dont know about you, but I like free money.

Do you make enough money to afford monthly mortgage payments on a home but not enough to save up for a down payment?

We might have a program that’s right for you. That’s if you like free money.

One of our programs will loan you up to 7% more than the first loan you are qualified for. You can use that extra 7% for a down payment and closing cost and its FREE. You do not have to pay interest on that extra 7% matter of fact you don’t have to make any payments on that extra 7% until you sell the home or pay it off.

Just for easy numbers, lets say you qualify for a $300,000 loan, this program will give you an additional $21,000 to assist with your down payment and closing cost.

We also have some grant programs available which means it really is free money forever. Might as well contact us and see if you qualify.

Stop being at the mercy of your landlord, never get a rent increase again and own your own home.

So if your thinking of buying, selling, or investing in residential real estate, contact me so I can help.

Bye for now.