Can't Afford a Home in the South Bay? Maybe You Have Options

Can’t afford to buy a home? Maybe this is the solution for you.

California has the highest housing cost in the country so if you have been thinking about buying a home but just don’t know how you would ever afford it maybe there is a solution for you that a lot of people are taking advantage of.

Yes the weather is #1 but California’s high cost of housing gives us some other stats that we should not be too proud of. We have the second lowest homeownership rate in the US and the highest homeless population.

But what has a lot of other people been doing so that they can afford to buy a home?

Well according to U-haul and the US Census Bureau they are moving. U-haul says they had more trucks leave California with a one way rental than any other state. And according to the US Census Bureau, California had a net loss of 113,649 people last year.

The destination for many of these folks was Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona

But what will your move get you? In Texas with a median home sales price of $389,000 and Florida’s median home price of $410,000, it is less than half of California’s $843,800 median home sales price.

Like many others, if one of your goals is to own your own home, then maybe looking at a new location might be right for you. Let me know where you are thinking of moving, I have a lot of great resources.

Yes if you move, I wont be able to sell you a home here in the South Bay but I have to remind myself that I got in this business to help people improve their lives through real estate ownership and I think reminding people of all of their choices is doing exactly that.

If you have any questions about buying, selling, or investing in residential real estate contact me so I can help.

Bye for now