Remote Work has Changed.
Is it time for your home to change, too?

The pandemic has made many of us think differently about working remotely and has made us realize that we may have better options for our families when it comes to working from home. It’s time to put those thoughts into actions and make a move that could save you money, give you more space, or provide better opportunity to you and your family.

Transcrips below:

Remote work has changed our housing needs now, do you need to make a change to. Hello, everyone. Steven Huhta here from Century 21 Union and Housesinsouthbay.com. And over the past year and a half, many people have realized that their home needs and want have changed, especially with the rise of remote workplaces.


Maybe you desire larger dedicated workplace or maybe a change of scenery out the window, or maybe you have the opportunity to live for a lot less, now may be the time to give us a call and find that new home that fulfills your needs.


A recent survey projects that about 37.5 % of U.S. workers will be able to continue working remotely in some capacity over the next five years, with about 23% being able to work fully remotely from anywhere in the world.


If you’re one of those 23% of workers who will be 100% remote, you have many options to be able to move to a better fit for your lifestyle, either by moving to a lower cost of living area or to a location that’ll fulfill your other aspects of your lifestyle.


Now, think about being able to afford a bigger home for the same you’re paying now or less, or maybe about working from your balcony overlooking the beach. And if you’re part of that 15% that only works remotely part time, this may allow you to relocate a little farther from work without having to commute daily.


Now you gain a little space enjoyment or lower cost. If you only have to drive the office occasionally. Not a bad deal. Now, if you need help with locating a home, that would be right for you or selling your current home to fulfill your new needs.


Give us a call so we can help. Bye for now.