I need help.

If you are in an at risk age group, have a disability, a health issue, or you just need a little extra help during these difficult times, reach out for help.

We can help run errands, pick up some groceries or help with a safety related issue around the home.

I want to help.

Do you have extra fruit on your trees, or some extra groceries to donate? 

Are you able to shop for someone while out shopping for yourself?

Are you able to do a simple chore that may be difficult for someone else?

This is a volunteer based service and our service levels will vary by participation.
If you don’t hear from us, right away, be assured we are working our way through the list.

If you are ill and need medical attention, contact emergency services.

If your kids need a meal, check with LAUSD. They have been distributing meals at Narbonne High School most days.

If you need longer term meal assistance. Visit www.getcalfresh.org and www.cdss.ca.gov

For older adults contact www.aging.ca.gov

And for families contact www.calwic.org

You can also find local food banks at www.serve.ca.gov or www.cafoodbanks.org

To find out more about local business check out the Lomita Chamber of Commerce at www.lomitachamber.org

Your information will not be sold or used for any purpose except helping in Lomita.